Far Field

This example demonstrates computation of the far field corresponding to resonance modes of a VCSEL cavity. The physical design of the VCSEL cavity is identical to the example in the parent folder VCSEL.

The far field is computed with the post-process FarField placed in the project.jcmp file:

PostProcess {
  FarField {
    FieldBagPath = "./project_results/fieldbag.jcm"
    OutputFileName = "./project_results/farField.jcm"
    Rotation = X:Z:-Y

The Rotation definition is needed to match the 3D convention of the polar coordinate system, where the z-axis is the optical axis (in contrast to the 2D computational domain convention where z is the axis perpendicular to the cross-section computational domain). You can either load the far field input Matlab or use JCMsuite which yields the following polar far field plots:

Far field intensity of the eigenmode (logarithmic plot on the right)
farField farField_log