Plasmonic Nano Antenna

This example is taken from Sauvan et al. [1]. The geometry consists of two metallic (Drude model) nano-rods separated by a small gap:


Plasmonic nano resonator (rotationally symmetric)

A vertically polarized dipole source is placed in the center of the gap between to two nano-rods.

Parameter scan

The Matlab® script data_analysis/run_scan_wavelength.m provides a scan over the wavelength of the dipole source producing the following plots showing scaled spontaneous emission rates:


The following figure shows the near field intensities in logarithmic scale for the near resonant frequency \lambda=980\mathrm{nm}

[1]C. Sauvan, J. P. Hugonin, I. S. Maksymov, and P. Lalanne Theory of the Spontaneous Optical Emission of Nanosize Photonic and Plasmon Resonators, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 237401